For Couples


Yes, couples who have been together for years may know each other’s quirks, habits, and idiosyncrasies, but what we often don’t know is WHY. A strengths-based relationship means learning as much as possible about yourself, and your partner, so that you can both bring what you’re built to bring to your relationship.

Love yourself. The first step to being a great partner is in knowing what you’re bringing to the party. Your strengths profile not only reveals what you do well, but it also reveals what’s important to you, how you think, and what you notice in others. It allows you to understand your own unique set of love goggles!

Love your partner. Two human beings trying to co-exist ain’t easy. The irony is that what we love about our partner is usually also what drives us crazy. We do tend to be romantically drawn to someone who has a few similarities to ourselves, but is quite opposite from us in most areas. Imagine if your partner were EXACTLY like you. Not only would this be a snooze, but there would be an awful lot of ground that wouldn’t be covered! Couples’ strengths coaching and workshops are a great opportunity to get to know your partner in a whole new way, and to find out you work best together. Find out what they really want, where their insecurities lie, and why they chose you. Add some awesome sauce to your relationship!