How I Work

We have options! My number one strength is Individualization, which means I will naturally custom-fit your coaching and workshop experience.

Having said that, here is the framework:



One-on-one coaching conversations are the basis of how I create impact with Strengths exploration. Coaching sessions are typically one hour time periods, when we meet either in person or on a video call (although I can be talked into a phone call in a pinch). Initially, this is when you learn about yourself so you can gain a deeper understanding of what influences the way YOU think, feel, and behave. It tells you what kind of goggles you wear every day. It informs the way you show up as a manager, a romantic partner, an entrepreneur, a parent, a friend, a teammate, etc, etc. Individuals may have one session aimed only at learning about your strengths profile, or you may choose to work with me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so you can see progress in utilizing your strengths in your life. Coaching packages are available - the bigger the bundle, the less they cost! In the workplace, our first choice will always be to have one-on-ones for every team member, but sometimes the time or financial budget does not allow for it. We’ll consider all of these variables as we formulate your personal strengths framework.



Partners in business or in life, tend to bring out the best and the worst of us. Strengths work is an opportunity to be reminded why you and your partner picked each other. It seems to be an innate drive as humans to partner up with people who - romantically or in business - will complement what we bring to the table. It’s awesome because they fill in our gaps, and cover the ground we dislike and/or where we don’t perform well. Ironically, these traits that save us from the drudgery also annoy us. I guarantee there is a straight line that can be drawn between that area of conflict that has consistently reared its ugly head in your relationship, and your strengths profiles. Partner coaching can be accomplished in person, or on a video call with both of you in one room, or each of us in our own space!



Perhaps the most prolific producer of “aha” lightbulb moments is in a team workshop. The clarity, and resulting employee engagement that strengths work provides for a team is unmatched. It turns out these people you have been working with are humans, too! Strengths workshops happen after individuals have received their CliftonStrengths assessment profiles, and one-on-one sessions are complete. Workshops can be small (3 people) to large (25-ish people) and contain a healthy mix of interactive discussion, learning about each other, and forward thinking discussion around how this information can be maximized as you solve problems, reach for goals, and improve the bottom line, going forward. Group work can take many forms - anywhere between one 2-hour session, to multi-day retreats. These only work live, and in-person - and yes, I love to travel!

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Top 5 or All 34?

CliftonStrengths top five results provides the clearest, most crucial part of the window into who we are. These are the strengths that you’ll ideally be using at home in your relationships, and at work every day - and we would have plenty of information to fill hours of coaching conversations! Receiving only your top five results out of 34 is also the most inexpensive way to go, which can mean more people in a large organization can be reached. Gallup charges more for me to receive all 34 of your results, so you can assume you can save $40 per person when you only receive top five results, rather than all 34. Having said that, understanding all 34 of your strengths provides so much more information, and gives us invaluable context. Knowing your numbers 6 through 10 tells you the second-in-command strengths that strongly support your performance every day. Understanding which strengths fall at the end of your list is also incredibly informative! This tells you which skills you can take off your plate completely, and delegate to someone else! It also informs which areas may be creating a blind spot for you. Ultimately, this choice is up to you, and will play a part in the framework we design for your strengths experience!