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What Clients Say

in transition

“This program was more helpful and insightful than I had originally anticipated. When I first signed up I was skeptical about what it could tell me that I didn't already know. But, after I took it and talked with Susan, a lot of personality traits of mine became more clear. Not only that, but she helped me address weakness and parts of my personality that can be abrasive.

All of which was much needed as I'm just about to graduate college and was looking for direction. By figuring out what my strengths versus weaknesses were, I have been able to better tailor both my resume and my job search. Along with that, it has made me more comfortable in pursuing positions that I didn't originally think I could handle.

The entire experience served as both a pep talk and as a chance to reflect. It was more than I could have hoped for and I am really grateful to have done it.”

- Morgan K.


for couples

“I’ve been an active Strengthfinders user for more than a decade and have found it to be an incredibly helpful tool.  Getting the full 34 list for both my husband and me was a true ‘ahah’ for us - his #1 is my #34 - wished we’d had that insight before year 28 of marriage! Now equipped with these results, we better understand each other’s motivations and priorities.” 

- Lisa P.


in transition

“Now that I am in my late 40's, I am coming to realize that truly knowing myself is what will propel me forward through my life with greater purpose.  And nothing has illuminated this more than taking the Gallup Strengthsfinder test and unraveling the meaning of it in the group retreat I attended with our CliftonStrengths coach, Susan Giacobazzi.  It was so empowering to discover my "self" in this way: what I enjoy, what work inspires me, and what personal and professional achievements give me the greatest sense of accomplishment. We all have unique abilities, but some you cannot actually see as gifts until you reflect on them with others and discover that you all have totally DIFFERENT gifts!  

Susan is incredibly insightful in her ability to take your "Top 5" and relate them to your work, your family, and how you are employing them to manage your daily life.   She also quickly zeroed in on how aspects of my current career are frustrating because some of my greatest strengths are not being utilized effectively. Through all the team exercises we engaged in over the retreat, I grew to such a greater level of self-awareness that I am now applying myself differently in my profession and selecting projects that are more closely aligned with my core strengths.  I am so much more engaged in my work now! I did not see that "Woo," or as it is defined: 'breaking the ice and making a connection with someone," was something I do naturally with joy and that it is a marketable SKILL! I now know what assets I bring to the table and how to market myself more effectively. Thank you Susan for unlocking my CliftonStrengths results for me and helping me to see my unique abilities with clarity and confidence.  I highly recommend Susan in every way!”

- Amy J.