In Transition

Young adults just finding their path, to middle-agers (who may STILL be trying to find their path), can find their destined direction more easily when they know themselves better.

Find clarity. In times of life transitions, we need clarity more than ever! Coaching around CliftonStrengths can help you hold up that mirror, and learn to love what you see. Learn to use your strengths as often as humanly possible in all parts of your life. After all, not only is that what brings joy, but it’s the most effective way to live a life that reflects what’s important to you. Let’s make your core values the center of your decision-making, and figure out the path to you getting to do what you’re good at EVERY DAY. Does work have to feel like work every minute of the day? I think not.

Find confidence. Much like a personal trainer can keep you honest with your workouts, I can be the place where you make consistent progress on believing in what you offer the world - removing roadblocks like self doubt, apathy, and comparing yourself to society’s typical measuring stick. I’ll be your guide, your sounding board, and your cheerleader as you reveal the best version of yourself to present to the world. You’re a smart cookie. You can do this!