At Work

When it comes to creating excellence in company culture and employee satisfaction, even more important than the beanbag chairs and doggie daycare, is every human being’s need to feel useful and have a purpose.

After huge amounts of extensive research, Gallup found that the main thing employees want is to be productive! People, in general, don’t want to be sloths. They want to do their part. They want to use their innate talents every day. Are you giving your team what they need so they can shine?

Focusing on strengths at the workplace will literally overhaul attitudes, activate engagement, and ultimately, supercharge productivity.

Understand your job. Leaders have a whole lot on their plate. Motivating, recognizing, and developing team members is key, and is also easy to let slip, given the overflowing plate of day to day fires that need to be put out. From a bird’s-eye view, the job of a leader is to create an environment where each individual is uniquely positioned to excel.

Understand yourself. What makes YOU an effective leader? Turns out, there is not one personality formula that makes an excellent manager. The key starts with understanding yourself and how effectively you’re using your own set of strengths at work. Recognizing how your own perspective affects the way you interact with your team is a guaranteed lightbulb moment.

Understand your team. Next comes your education on all of those puzzle pieces you’re paid to put together into a cohesive, productive team! Since we know your colleagues want to use their strengths every day, it makes sense, then, that we need to know what it is that each person brings to the table. I’ll also show you a map of where your team’s strengths lie as a group, as well as where the gaps are. Imagine the possibilities when each person is given the chance to perform at their peak! Not only will you get the most engaged team possible when managing with strengths in mind, but your people will want to stick around!